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  • 18.64km



    The departure and arrival point is located at the entrance of the port of Cambirls. It's a pleasant ride along the beaches of Regueral, L'Esquirol and Cavet with return through the beautiful old town of Cambrils to find again the seafront in the South Beaches of Cambrils until you reach again the entrance of the port of Cambrils.

  • 12.96km



    If you like cycling along the coast you can cycle along the Costa Dorada (from Cambrils to La Pineda) on the more than 50 km. of bike lanes available. The route that we offer here, however, is shorter (12, 96 km) and aims to discover charming places in Cambrils that sometimes go unnoticed next to the beach, always fleeing from the most crowded places.

  • 39.72km



    Magnificent rolling route, keeping in shape and overlooking the main beaches of both Cambrils and Salou. It is of moderate level but it has some spicy points, as for example the ascent after the beach of Capellanes or the ascent of the Playa larga towards the Calle del Muntayals. In general, it is a route that largely avoids steep slopes, which makes it very bearable, in addition to passing through several points of interest, whether scenic, cultural or tourist. Ideal to enjoy in company or individually. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the 40 km.

  • 24.27km



    Unlike its namesake Costa Daurada route, the East route is intended for beginner riders, both in terms of time and kilometers. Ideal to go out and get to know a little more the beauty of the coast between Cambrils, Salou and its inland turn by Vila-seca. In 1h 30m you will surely have it completed. ;)

  • 2.14km



    Fancy Women Bike Ride is a women-only cycling event usually held on World Car Free Day each year. Fancy Women Bike Ride was born in 2013 in Izmir, Turkey, as a reaction to the traditional cycling world where men tend too much to tell women how they should be, what they should do, how they should dress. Fancy Women Bike Ride is proof that cycling is possible without lycra, without sweat, without competition, without reflective vests.

  • 20.67km



    Walk through the rural area of Cambrils. Smooth ride on mostly paved roads. We cycle to the Mas dels Teixells passing through the Parc Samà and down the Mas del Rom. strolling among farms. We end up going down the Torrent d'en Gené to the Ponent de Cambrils promenade.

  • 20.04km



    Simple route, in which we can skip the part of the beach to make it shorter and get to know a little more of the interior. Interesting to do it when in some of the hermitages some cultural or religious act is realized, the section of the hermitage 2 to the hermitage 3 passes for a track of earth and sand for what it is advisable to make it in mountain bike or to look for another parallel track that passes about 50 m. below.

  • 42.27km



    Very interesting track through the Baix Camp through some of the villages around Cambrils, passing near Vinyols or Miami Playa. The route can be done with a mountain bike, a gravel bike or an all-terrain trekking bike.

  • 7.52km



    The old town of Cambrils is just one kilometer from the coast, and in its streets are concentrated most of the points of historical interest that the town has preserved to this day. Among the most emblematic places are several coastal watchtowers, such as the tower of the hermitage of Mare de Déu del Camí (from the 14th century) or the Port tower, located next to the port and housing a museum inside. The church of Santa María is a small parish church in the center of the municipality that masterfully combines Baroque, Renaissance and Neo-Gothic elements.